Perpetual was produced for the Blinc Digital Festival in 2015. The piece was designed to work accoss the 3 main walls of Conwy Castle.

The footage for the piece was shot partly on the beach at Llanfairfechan and also on a wall at Venue Cymru as a piece of Vertical Dance.

Perpetual is a reflection of a capitalist society’s never ending struggle to atain their portion of what they feel they deserve. To fill their ‘bucket’. The bucket in Perpetual was found on the beach where we filmed and became a perfect metaphor to explore the idea of the desire to amass material wealth and the imposibility of finding lasting happiness or a sense of purpose in that persuit. The dancer in Perpetual battles to fill her bucket against the tide, dressed in high heels and a black dress. As the piece develops she becomes ever more disallusioined and desheveled until she is eventually draggeed under. Freed from the material landscape, she is able to move freely and without the burden of 


Dancer / Chorographer : Lisa Spaull

Film Maker / Composer : Rob Spaull

Equipment List


iPhone 6s
GoPro Hero 2

Video Edit

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Element 3D
Colour Correction & Styled using Red Giant Colorista/MB Looks/Universe


Composed in Ableton Live