The Inside Other

The Inside Other tries to explore the idea of the subconscious mind and the battles perceived from an outside perspective and then moves inward to discover internal conflicts and challenges, then more beautiful moments of harmony and compassion and ultimately the resolution that we are capable of finding inner peace if we allow ourselves to come to know.

Unseen was the third film in the series of short film projects undertaken by Rob & Lisa.

For this film we invited friend and dancer Lara Ward to collaborate on the ideas and performance.

The first part of the film was shot around an unusual local feature on the North Wales cycle track using a Go Pro Hero 2 with a high frame rate. This sequence was filmed in 2 sections to create an extra wide panorama and then composited together to blend the joins. This allowed us to manipulate the timings and sections of the two performances independently.

The second section of the film was filmed in Rob & Lisa’s dinning room at night using a Nikon D3200 DSLR & 50mm lens and lit by a TecPro Fillini compact LED light with a sheet of A4 paper wrapped around it to create a narrow focussed pool of light. 


Dancers / Chorographers : Lisa Spaull & Lara Ward

Film Maker / Composer : Rob Spaull

Equipment List


GoPro Hero 2
Nikon D3200 & Nikon 50mm lens


TecPro Fillini & a sheet of A4 paper!

Video Edit

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Colour Correction & Styled using Red Giant Colorista/MB Looks


Composed in Ableton Live