The Other Side

The Other Side was the second in the series of short film projects undertaken by Rob & Lisa.

Filmed on location in a small chapel graveyard near Rowen, North Wales, The Other Side is an exploration of birth, life and death and the idea of transitioning between these states.

The Other Side was filmed using an iPhone 4s with Olloclip lens and a skater dolly for the tracking sequences. The underwater sections with filmed with a GoPro Hero 2.

The sounds score was constructed from a combination of sounds recorded on site and a recording of an improvised piano session.


Dancer / Chorographer : Lisa Spaull

Film Maker / Composer : Rob Spaull

Equipment List


iPhone 4s with Skater Dolly
Olloclip wide-angle/macro clip on lens
GoPro Hero 2

Video Edit

Adobe Premiere
Colour Correction & Styled using Red Giant Colorista/MB Looks


Samples of Camera Audio
Piano recorded on a Zoom H2
Arranged in Ableton Live