The basic concept behind Unseen is to explore a visually interesting space and the confinements and directions of travel it enforces.

Unseen was the first of a series of short film projects undertaken by Rob & Lisa.

One of the challenges of working in the creative industry is finding the time to explore new techniques and concepts.

To address this, we decided tried working within confined time limits. The idea was to find a visually or conceptionally interesting  site local to our home, take minimal hardware and allow ourselves only the morning to complete filming.

Arriving at the site, we’d then begin improvising movement and explore filming angles and methods, gathering footage as we went.

We’d develop the theme and concept of the film as we worked and when we either ran out of battery power or were happy with the footage we’d taken, we headed back to edit and score the film in the afternoon.


Dancer / Chorographer : Lisa Spaull

Film Maker / Composer : Rob Spaull

Equipment List


iPhone 4s
Olloclip wide-angle/macro clip on lens
GoPro Hero 2

Video Edit

Adobe Premiere
Colour Correction & Styled using Red Giant Colorista/MB Looks


Composed in Ableton Live